Adoption Home Studies & Family Counseling Spokane, LLC

Adoption Home Studies & Family Counseling Spokane is a private practice owned by Cindi Fuller, an experienced child and family therapist providing counseling and home study services with an emphasis on bonding and attachment. A home study is the process of evaluating prospective adoptive parent(s) through an intake and application process. The process consists of in-home visit(s), record and reference gathering, and pre- and post-placement reports, and often includes education and counseling services to help prepare prospective parent(s). Family and child counseling services are offered pre- and post-placement to help facilitate a successful transition for the parents and child.

International Home Studies

International Home Studies

International home studies and post-adoption or post-placement reports for international adoptions are conducted through a Hague Accredited Agency to evaluate prospective adoptive parent(s)' stability and motivation to adopt. The process also helps prospective parent(s) prepare for adoption and develop an understanding of cultural or genetic differences, issues that may arise following adoption, bonding, and attachment.

Home Studies

Independent Home Studies

Independent home studies and pre- and post-placement reports are provided for domestic adoptions, including same-sex couple adoptions, and stepparent adoptions. Like international home studies, independent home studies evaluate prospective adoptive parent(s)' stability and motivation to adopt. Home studies also prepare prospective parent(s) for the addition of an adopted child into their home. Stepparent reports are conducted for the adoption of a child by a stepparent.

adoption counseling

Family Counseling

Counseling is an important therapeutic step in the adoption process and is provided before and after placement. Counseling provides support for parents as they prepare for the adoption of a child. It also helps facilitate bonding and attachment between parent and child, particularly for non-infant and older children. and offers guidance as families navigate issues that may arise following adoption. Cindi Fuller specializes in attachment, trauma, and adoption counseling.

About Cindi Fuller, MSW, LMHC

Cindi has a Bachelor of Social Work degree from The University of Montana and a Master's of Social Work degree from Eastern Washington University. Cindi is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor through the State of Washington and has extensive experience in the field of adoption and counseling. Cindi has provided expert care for children and families since 1999, working as a child and family therapist for Adoption Services of Spokane, formerly Spokane Consultants in Family Living, before opening her private practice in 2017. Cindi is a trusted home study provider and adoption counseling professional in the Spokane area.